What you hear affects
what you think you see

Both music and sound design can have a tremendous impact on what a person experiences when they play a game or watch a movie. At Soundproof we strive to bring every production to life with the help of sound and music. Our unique style of composing along with 10+ years of experience will affect what your audience thinks they see.


When writing music we strive to evoke emotions on a deeper level. Wether it be a positive or melancholic emotion, we always strive to elevate feelings and help tell the given story with help of music.
We love working with live instruments and recordings such as drums, string instruments, organs and voices. We blend the best new tools and sounds with our wide network of inspiring and talented musicians.

Sound design
Since 2008 we've meticulously been building our library of sounds and recordings. From lion roars and airplanes to ambient sounds from Times Square or Mumbai. We have an exstensive library and knowledge on how to design sounds to make robots, imaginary creatures or scenes come to life. We don't let our imagniation limit us when it comes to building new worlds through sound design.

Working out of our own studio situated in the creative music studio complex of legendary Nacksving Studios in Gothenburg. We have access to fully equipped studios to record, mix and master fully fledged bands as well as using small scale equipment to record voice overs and simpler sounds or songs.


Clients include Plattform Produktion Image & Form Retroid Interactive Dennaton Games Bobby Hello There Fiftytwo The Network Brandwork Racoon One TEDx Rapid Images Ung Cancer DING Way Out West Houston The Rocket Panda


When music written and produced by Soundproof/Oscar Rydelius is released by labels to the public, it is released under the moniker "Ratvader". Ratvader is the creative brain child of Oscar Rydelius with the goal to push the boundaries for what music is and can be.


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