Said about Soundproof

Johan Hermerén
CEO, Shortfuse Games AB

Oscar has been an invaluable creative talent, providing expertise and technical skills. He has the ability to quickly learn new technologies and software and has a very good knowledge of the sound design process of computer games. In addition, Oscar has an excellent ability to communicate about his work, is very responsible, initiative, driven and above all positive in stressful and demanding periods.


During his time at Shortfuse Games AB, Oscar has participated in the production of the games Colosseum, Colosseum Hammer Ball, Alive & Undead and made pre-production materials to further productions. Colosseum is one of the best selling games ever on Xbox LIVE Indie Games (formerly the Xbox LIVE Community Games).


With the above credentials, I can highly recommend having Oscar as a co-worker in the role of sound and music producer, sound designer, music composer and sound engineer.

Axel Nordenström
CEO, DING (Designingenjörerna Sverige AB)

“Been working with Oscar Rydelius in five projects now and I am amazed about the high quality sound effects and music he has created for us. Oscar has the ability to give us what we want even when we lack of ideas. He works fast and always with a smile. Oscar is our first choice when we need a sound designer”

Emma Sahlgren
Producer, DACH

Oscar has shown great commitment and had many fine ideas. He has performed his sound design work in a very professional manner, and we are very pleased with the outcome. I’d love to hire Oscar in future productions, and would like to take this opportunity to give him my warmest recommendations!