SteamWorld Quest 

Client: Image & Form  Role: Music

Image & Form needs no long introduction. With games like SteamWorld Dig 1-2, SteamWorld Heist, Anthill, and now SteamWorld Quest, the studio has made an impact on the whole gaming world. Working with Image & Form has been a dream ever since their first game!

The game has tons of music accompanying you throughout the adventure. Most of them written by Erik Gudmundson, with additional tracks by Pelle Cahndlerby (Digital Dreams Wrapped in Plastic). Sounproof was approached to help with trailer music and sound design as well as the lead motive, main menu theme and additional credits music.

The in-game sound design was made by Sonigon.

Below you'll find the music written fro the launch trailer with Agnes Högberg on Violin.


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